Friday, June 27, 2008

B.fleye Makeup

In another installment of People-we-like-to-pimp, next up is Sarah Hathaway from B.fleye Makeup.

The first thing you should know about Sarah is that she's adorable. No, really. You just can't help but hug her sometimes. Her personality is one of those types that likes to rub off onto others, spreading her excitement about whatever she happens to be doing at the moment--whether it's doing some rad makeup design, going nuts w/ teenagers at a My Chemical Romance concert, whatever.

On a professional-level, we've worked with Sarah a lot. She's just plain good and ready for anything. She'll tell you that she digs the crazy makeup stuff that she manages to come up with somehow, but where she really shines is in making her clients glow or 'pop' or shine...whatever that word is that's not coming to me that means "to make them look so much better than they did before Sarah started working on them." Ha!

Yes, we like Sarah's work so much that we actually offer it as a part of our top wedding package, as well as an a la carte service for our clients.

Go check out her portfolio at

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