Saturday, July 12, 2008

As Close As Family

So, sometimes I can be a tad slow when it comes to posting...such as this gorgeous wedding we covered at Mercury Hall in December (hence the christmas tree). What a beautiful space! It was built in 1904 in Mercury, TX, and still has all of that weathered character. Oh, and the stained glass was fantastic.

Okay, enough about the space...Matt and Adriana are two of the sweetest people I've met. Seriously. You wouldn't even believe it. If they would have asked me to join their family that day, I probably would have accepted!

Matt and Adriana, along with a fantastic wedding coordinator, pulled off a beautiful wedding and reception. Here's a link to their whole wedding, as well as a few good ones below.


  1. Dang! These look good. ;-)

    The wedding was excellent thanks to your and Elizabeth's help. I can't believe it happened sometimes.

    And again, welcome to the family.

  2. These are great pictures, James. My very favorite is on the second to the last row; the one of Matt glancing at Adriana. You captured an intimate moment and, to coin a phrase, you can feel the love :)


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