Thursday, July 31, 2008

Grit of the City

Columbus Ohio Urban Grit

We're back! Late Tuesday evening we flew in from Columbus, OH. We had a great time. We were working with some great people for Continuum Church. They're a totally different take on what a 'church' is for and what it does. For example, their tagline is "Connecting spirituality with social justice". They do tons of stuff for the community where they're located.

The part of town they serve is called the "Short North" and they needed some shots for a website they're designing that really captured the grit of the city. We toured most of the area, seeing lots of things and places that are often forgotten about. It was so cool to be able to help Continuum Church shed light on parts of the community most wouldn't dare tread after dark.

Best of luck to you guys and gals at Continuum Church! You're doing some awesome stuff up there.




  1. you guys got some really great shots, no doubt their website will ROCK thanks to you!

  2. Thanks, Kate. I hope so, b/c I'm also building their site! :)


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