Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We've Moved!

Bridal Extravaganza Floor Plan

During lunch with our Austin Wedding Guide rep last week, we were offered a corner booth usually reserved for our friends at Dodd Photography! They can't make it this time around, so our rep offered the booth to us!  It's a rad corner booth (#533) in a fantastic location. We'll be able to capture traffic from three directions instead of two, and our booth now has a 90 degree view to passing brides and grooms!

We're totally excited, and a bit nervous at the same time. It's our first Bridal Show, and they're expecting 800-1000 brides this time! Holy Smokes! We definitely have to polish our schmoozing skills before then :)

Last night we attended the Pre-Show meeting they have for all of us new comers.  It was a two hour run-down on everything someone would need to know to run a successful booth. We had some ideas of how to set ours up before the meeting and were happy to find out that most of our ideas would work! The only one that might not, oddly enough, is the free chocolate we were going to set out at the tables. We're still trying to confirm this, but we might have to get a food permit just to set out Hershey Kisses! Can you believe that? We might have to skip the chocolate (...and all the women readers said 'NOOOoooo!').

So, the count down is ticking away at what seems like twice the speed it should be for the Bridal Extravaganza. Like I said, we're both nervous and excited at the same time as we get everything ready for both the booth and the new clients. Stay tuned for more info. We might be giving away free tickets to a lucky bride in the coming weeks.


  1. How sweet is that? Hold onto your hats, come September, you may be busier than you ever imagined!! What a blessing and a dream come true!

  2. That spot is right in the middle too! It looks like a great location. I am so excited for you guys.

  3. Schmoozing is for politicians :)

    You both will do great meeting and greeting your potential clients. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words so just show them how you can tell their wedding story with pictures.

    Love you both!

  4. @Pop: Good point. I won't say a word to people. I'll just point at a gallery wrap we have hanging :D

  5. I guess I'll have to do all the talking. :)


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