Monday, September 22, 2008

Simpler is Better

So, unless you scour our website on a daily basis (what? you don't?) you probably didn't notice a big change on the Wedding > Rates page.

No, it's not a big change in price, it's a big change in how easy it is to understand our prices! The previous pricing model had packages and set amounts of time and different combination of this and that, and was hard for even me to remember. Now it's simpler than ever.

We figure if you contact us, you want one of two things from us:

1. For us to shoot your wedding day, or
2. For us to shoot your engagement, bridal portraits, day-after portraits, etc.

Everything else is kind of secondary. Don't get me wrong--we still offer all of our stinkin' cool albums, and gallery wraps, and prints, etc., but like I said, that's all a bit secondary to the actual service of us shooting you and your mate. So, instead of us getting ahead of you and making you choose all of that stuff up front, we thought we'd make it even easier for you to know what it takes to commission us.

It was time for us to change our prices and simplify a bit, and I think couples will appreciate the straightforward pricing that we have now. One of our main goals is to be the most uncomplicated decision you make while planning your wedding. Hopefully this will go a long way toward achieving that goal.

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