Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Take a Hike, Ike (Updated)

Hurricane IkeIf you live in the southern part of Texas, you're probably paying close attention to Hurricane Ike. And if you are planning on attending the Bridal Extravaganza on Sunday, you're probably watching it a lot more closely!  All plans are a 'go' for Sunday's big event.  It will be wet--very wet--but it should be a big crowd.  Just think--if it were bright, sunny, and gorgeous outside, do you think you'd want to be inside at big convention?  Heck no. But if it's storming and rainy and drab outside, what a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than to come check everyone out at the Bridal Extravaganza.

On a completely different train of thought, I really wish they'd change the name to something other than 'Extravaganza'.  Does that have hints of 'circus' to anyone else? Perhaps it's just me.

Anyway, we finished painting our giant display walls tonight. They look so rad! You should come to the show (as we're calling it) if for no other reason than to see how good of a job Elizabeth did painting the detail stuff on them. So cool. Tomorrow we also get some prints for the show, and Friday we'll be getting another ginormous gallery wrap to hang on one of the walls.  Things are definitely coming together. We can't wait to see everyone there! We'll keep you all updated if anything changes due to the weather.

Hurricane Ike UpdateUPDATE: It looks like Ike will be turning a lot harder to the north when it hits land, so Austin will avoid most of the water and wind.

Darn! I was hoping to see my first hurricane wall cloud!

UPDATE 2: It figures. We're not going to see much of anything in the way of hurricanes this weekend. Darn thing will be turning north so fast when it hits land that we may only get a breeze when it passes us by so quickly. So, remember that part about wanting to be outside on a sunny day? Well, you don't want to be outside on Sunday. You want to be at the Bridal Extravaganza! :)

UPDATE 3: Yep, a hurricane is going right past us and not a drop of rain yet. Windy a bit, but no rain. I suppose I'll have to wait a few more weeks to see a hurricane. In the mean time, our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Galveston whose lives are now under a few feet of water.


  1. Be sure and take some pics of your booth for those of us who are too afraid to venture out! (:

  2. We totally will, Claire! Liz will probably photo-document the whole thing (right Liz?) :)


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