Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What Do I Ask?

Since the start of our biz and the Bridal Show we have been contacted by quite a few brides either asking us for more information or requesting a time to meet with us. It's been fabulous! So far we've met some incredible couples and filled in a few more dates on our calendar.

The meetings are usually a time for us to interview the couple and allow them to interview us. Sometimes they come to the meeting all ready to sign and that is great- we love when that happens! Other times they want to ask more questions and get to know us better- totally fine too. So what are some things you should take into consideration during these meetings (before and after too!)? They could potentially be recording one of the most important days of your lives so you need to know if they are truly the right fit for you.

I recently ran across a blog post here that I would like to recap because it was to the point and really good advice. The writer offers 5 "P's" for your use when evaluating a photographer:

1. Photography - Do you like the photographer's style, range, quality, experience, etc?
2. Personality - It's gonna be a long day unless we're a good fit...
3. Professionalism - Does the photographer have a good grasp of contracts, punctuality, communication, etc.
4. Products - Does the photographer offer the albums, prints, negatives, online proofing, etc that you are seeking?
5. Pricing - Is it in the budget? If not, can we shift our priorities to fit it in the budget?

These are all important aspects and I really think that a photographer's style and personality are the biggest. I know they were for me when I was looking for our wedding photographer not too long ago. When James and I meet with a bride and groom we hope to really click with them. We don't want to just see them that day and maybe 1 other day before their 'big' day. We'd like to get to know them and their personalities as well. I think it really helps us capture who they are on their wedding day.

I hope this little bit of advice helps. Remember: don't be afraid to ask a lot of questions - it's ok!

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