Monday, November 10, 2008

Boots and Smiles (Sneak Peek)

This past weekend we had a family session down at the Capitol grounds that just so happened to be on the most beautiful day ever! We met up with Denise, Keith, Sienna, and wee Slade in the green grass in between all the people spread out on blankets.

Here are a few preview shots:

Slade happened to love being flown over dad's head! ...shortly after which he promptly spit up :)

This shot totally cracked us both up! Their expressions are so priceless!

Thanks for a great session everyone! More to come!


  1. HA. That last one is pretty hilarious. Perhaps you should have some sort of caption contest. They're such cute kids.

  2. The first shot is great. I love the background with the Texas flag on the Capitol. It's not like those cheesy backdrops at the local Sears photo place, back-in-the-day. What a wonderful day for photography.


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