Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Erin + Tim

Holy smokes, it's almost Thanksgiving. Where did November go? Like most of you, I'm sure, we've been swamped. We have a whole wedding that we haven't even given you a sneak peek of yet!  No worries...we'll show it to you soon.  However, I realized yesterday that we never showed you more of Erin and Tim's beautiful wedding!  Oops.  Well, hopefully these make up for it  :)

As I went back through Erin and Tim's photos to pick out the ones I wanted to show you, dear readers, I remembered how much laughter there was at this wedding. Both Erin and Tim have a wonderful humor, and Erin's whole side of the family seemed to know how to laugh and have a good time. Such fun.

Erin's Dress was also gorgeous:

This was the balcony overlooking Lake Travis where they got married.

Watching his family tree grow...

Cooties are forever...

The Groom's son was so full of energy that night! He kept running up to me and posing, hoping I'd take a photo of him :)

I haven't seen dancing at a wedding like that in a long time! So fun! Everyone was on the dance floor at one point or another during the reception.

Erin's grandparents came down from Indiana. The were the sweetest pair. Grandma loved to laugh. I think everyone in the family learned to laugh from her :)

What is a wedding without silly faces?

Thank you again, Erin and Tim! We had a blast hanging out with you guys and your family! You got married in one of the most scenic spots in Austin, and as photographers, we appreciate it! Haha!

And to all of our readers, Happy Thanksgiving! Elizabeth and I are going to take a few days of R&R off this week/weekend. We wish you all a wonderful time with friends and family this Thanksgiving!


  1. The pictures are absolutely beautiful. You guys really did a great job of capturing the happiest day of our lives. We can't thank you enough for recording the memories that will last a lifetime.

  2. Wow, I love the above shot of the dancers and the lake view is picturesque. What a fun time.


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