Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Amy and Rodney Austin Wedding Photo

James and I wanted to share this beautiful email we received from our clients, Amy and Rodney. It means so much to us when we receive notes like this - we love what we do!

Dear Elizabeth and James,

It has taken me almost a week to get this email together since receiving our wedding photos, mostly because I've truly been at a loss as to how to convey how floored Rodney and I are by their quality.  We sat down together on the couch on Saturday to browse through them for the first time, and we found ourselves speechless.  Each photo was somehow even more beautiful and artistic than the one before it.  And as two pretty unphotogenic people, we marveled at how flattering your photography was to both of us!

I have forwarded a few of the photos to our friends, and also to the Barr Mansion, and everyone is simply amazed.  Even before we'd received the photos, a number of our guests commented on how nice the photographers were and how they loved that you never appeared "in the way".  And yet, you seemed to have been able to capture every special, once-in-a-lifetime moment that occurred on that day -- including the ones that we missed because we were doing a million other things.  We thank you most of all for that. As you know, it all happens so fast.

We're thrilled to have such unique and professional photos of what so far has been the happiest day of our lives, and will be delighted to refer Vignette Photography to our friends and family.

With our very sincere thanks,

Amy & Rodney


  1. Wow you guys! What a wonderful note of encouragement and confirmation that what you do matters... I'm so proud of you both!
    Lots of Love, Mom


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