Monday, January 26, 2009

A History of Us

James and I had a grand plan to do a daily post everyday starting 1 week before our 1 year anniversary. We thought it would be a great way to recap how we met, were engaged and married and allow our readers to get to know us a bit better. Well, the week ago started 1 week ago - today is our 1 year anniversary. We failed on the great recap but I still wanted to give you all a post with a little bit of our history and a few pictures.

James and I were sort of set up by a mutual friend. I worked with Daine and James knew him from church. Daine began telling me about James a little over a year before I finally met him. We lovingly refer to all the conversations that started with, "So James...." as James infomercials. We had two almost encounters before we finally met. It was my birthday, January 2007 and James used this all day photo shoot competition as a means to get us together. My sisters, Daine and his wife, Karina accompanied us on this little excursion of driving around town taking photos of whatever we could think of. Well, it was all down hill from there as they say. James and I became friends, chatted online, texted on our cell phones and hung out almost every weekend. Four months later on Easter Sunday he (Finally!) asked me if I would be interested in dating him. Of course!! No more finding excuses to hang out with each other - now we could whenever we wanted. During the course of the summer I moved and James would make the trek from north Austin to Buda during rush hour traffic twice a week (I think he liked me) to have dinner and hang out. September rolled around and after suggesting we go on a 'real' date i.e. get dressed up and spend a lot on dinner he surprised me with dinner at Jeffrey's followed by watching Gone with the Wind at the Paramount Theater (he really liked me!). The movie was over at about midnight so he suggested we stroll up to the Capitol to stretch our legs. We walked around to the back to the the open air rotunda and next thing I know he is down on one knee with a ring. I don't remember much after that.



Now my younger sister had gotten engaged in August, I said yes in September and my older sister followed suit in October. Needless to say the next 6 months were incredibly busy for our family. My older sister was married that December so our wedding planning was slightly postponed until after hers. We originally started with a date in March but moved it up to January when we found out our venue was available. Living in Texas we weren't too worried about having an outdoor wedding and reception in the winter. We were married at Le San Michele in Buda with about 50 close friends and family in attendance. It was the wedding of my dreams. Yes, we had rain and cold weather for the entire week before but the day of the wedding dawned with clear skies, sun and temperatures in the 70s.




The day was perfect and because I love wedding details here are just a few of mine. My dress as well as my sister's were all from JCrew, shoes were all NineWest. My hair was done by my awesome stylist, Laura at Hairy Situations and my make-up by the fabulous Sarah Hathaway. Our caterers were Katherine and her team at Dagar's Catering- the pasta bar was a hit! Our photographer was the talented Christine Lim. All the bouquets and centerpieces were done by myself and my sisters the day before. The location itself was a beautiful setting so a lot of extra decorations weren't needed.  I felt like we were in Tuscany and not Buda, Texas.

The day after the wedding we jetted for Rome and Paris. It was our trip - we researched, planned and booked everything on our own. It was the first time I had been out of the country and I loved it. It's hard to say which spot I enjoyed more. The weather in Rome was perfect and seeing history around every turn was incredible. Paris was freezing but we did a lot of walking and eating crepes to stay warm. The Eiffel tower at midnight was spectacular and I loved how the city came alive after 9pm.



It's hard to believe it's already been a year. We have seen and accomplished so much - one being Vignette Photography. James I spent all this weekend celebrating, reminiscing about the past, discussing our future and goals and eating a lot of great food. He took me back to Jeffrey's for our anniversary dinner and this time he didn't have a ring in his pocket making him nervous. It was a great weekend- being able to spend time together. James is my best friend, I love him and love that I can look forward to many more wonderful years with him.



  1. Elizabeth,
    All I ever wanted for our son - your husband - is summed up in your final sentence... You (and Jenna's Adam) are the living answers to years of parental prayers, hopes and dreams. Very simply stated: Thank you, and I love you.
    With happy, grateful tears, Amy-"mom"
    Oh, and - Happy 1st Anniversary!!! xoxoxo

  2. Aww! Loved the story - thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow, I didn't know you posted this story here too. I love it and am amazed of all the wonderful changes. You all have fun on year number 2. May God bless you abundantly!

  4. @Columbus Mom: You are very welcome - thank you back!! I am blessed!

    @Jamie: thanks for the comment!

  5. Elizabeth, I just read this. What a wonderful story, and what a great story-teller! Allan and I can not wait for you and James to capture our wedding. Dress shopping begins at the end of the month... :)

  6. Thanks Lori! We are looking forward to celebrating and capturing your story! Can't wait to hear about the dress shopping and what you find.


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