Friday, May 1, 2009

Sneak Peek: Bridal Portraits

Sneak peek? Of bridal portraits? Before the wedding? Have we lost it?! Don't worry Shawna, I am only teasing!

As much as I would love to show you all the beautiful images from our Saturday bridal session at Laguna Gloria, you'll have to wait. Shawna and Eddie aren't tying the knot until August 22 so they have to stay top secret. I am very pleased (actually I am super excited!!) with the images from the session and had a hard time narrowing down the best of the best from about 300 images. Shawna makes a beautiful bride, Eddie is one lucky guy and I can't wait for their wedding day!

No post is complete here on VP without a few pictures so instead of bridal portraits of Shawna you get serious but silly test shots we took while waiting.

I call this one "My Court Jester". Haha!


My guy is hot!! Such a rock star.


My man of mystery.


Keep an eye out for those bridal portraits in August!

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  1. Wait, where's the bride? All we get is James?! ;-)

    I like the green hue to the first two and all the squares. James is quite the model even for test shots.


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