Sunday, May 3, 2009

Stardust Pastry: Spring 2009

I really do love wedding cake. I love the smell of the icing, the sweetness that draws you in. It's like you're inhaling calories. But no matter, it's wedding cake, it's all good. One of the many perks of being a wedding photographer is the wedding cake. When I think of all the cake and fancy desserts I'll get to try this year I am absolutely giddy! Laugh at me if you will but how many pieces of wedding cake will you be eating this year?

James and I recently visited a favorite vendor of ours, Summer Pruett of Stardust Pastry, to take some photos of her 'spring collection' so to speak. She is incredibly talented at what she does and I am always amazed at the delicacy of her work. It's breathtaking and beautiful.

Here are just a few images from that session. Visit her site to learn more about her and her work. You won't be disappointed!





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  1. These are some of the most gorgeous cakes I've ever seen....I mean...besides a couple of New York Bakeries...this outdoes most of them!

    Gorgeous. And the photos are absolutely stunning as well. Good job guys. Did you get to eat a little?


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