Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back to Work!

We're back! And lots going on here with Vignette Photography. After being out on vacation for a little over a week we are diving back into weddings and loving it. I am itching to shoot a wedding! Thankfully we have one coming up very soon.

First off, I want to say hello to any new visitors who may be stopping by here after meeting us tonight at the Weddings Unveiled show at the Allan House. We were so happy to be able to participate and meet so many wonderful people. Thanks for stopping by our table and chatting. We'd love to meet with you again soon to discuss your wedding and how we can help. Oh and if you were the winner of the raffle prize we contributed we definitely want to hear from you!

In other news, if you recently tried emailing us from our website we probably didn't receive it. Seems we had a bit of a malfunction that is now repaired. We would still love to hear from you though so drop us another note or give us a call!

I am really excited about where Vignette is going right now and the changes we are going through - a few you may have noticed on the blog and our site with the new look. It's still a work in progress so please bear with our 'dust'.

If you are a fan of us on Facebook you may have seen my announcement today about new sample albums that are on their way. I am really excited about these and the myriad of options we can now offer our clients. I think you will love them just as much. Check back often for updates on the samples and additional information about them. Remember too that when you add an album to your package the day you book with us you'll receive 10% off it's final price.

Thanks for stopping by!


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