Monday, August 3, 2009


We have been very MIA with our blogging lately. So much good stuff going on right now though. I am really excited to be rolling out some new things for VP in the upcoming weeks and months. So you’ll want to be sure to check back often to stay updated.

Here lately our diversion and what has been keeping us busy is a puppy. Not ours but my sister’s. We are pet sitting while they are on vacation for two weeks. They didn’t mean to get a puppy right before they left it sort of just happened. His name is Basil (not pronounced like the herb) and he is a Schnauzer/BichaPoo mix. I think he is about 7-8 weeks now.



Totally adorable, right? I think it'll be hard to part with him next week. I'll miss our play times and his little puppy bark, growls and whines.

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