Thursday, November 5, 2009

Engaged: Shannon + Aaron

We first met Shannon and Aaron at the Blue Dahlia Bistro here in Austin. They drove down with her parents from the DFW area to discuss their wedding with us. We had a lovely brunch with them then parted ways. About a month later I decided to check in with Shannon to see if she had chosen her photographer yet since I hadn't heard from her. The same day I sent that email I decided to check our PO box which was long overdue. Lo and behold! there was a signed contract from Shannon! Needless to say my day improved immediately and I rushed home to email Shannon again telling her of my discovery and laughing at myself.

As of today, Shannon and Aaron will be our 5th wedding at the Barr Mansion next June. We are very excited to be working with the two of them and the opportunity to work at Barr Mansion again.

Their engagement session was a bit impromptu. We were so booked for October but I was determined to squeeze them in so they could use the images for their holiday cards. They drove south again to meet us at the Capitol for their shoot. What a gorgeous day we had too! After bypassing a crowd of protesters/marchers we got to shooting.

Underneath a gorgeous magnolia tree.






You never know what you might run into at the Capitol. Their session ended just as a Green Peace parade began!


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