Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Heirlooms and Snippets

Back in October I had the pleasure of dining with Caroline of Paloma's Nest and Kathryn of Snippet & Ink. Along with our significant others we enjoyed some very tasty food at La Condesa downtown. It was a great evening and such a treat to meet these two lovely ladies in person! I really enjoyed hearing about how they both got started in the business- it was very encouraging. Makes me a bit braver about taking that 'step of faith' in regards to VP- making it better and making things happen!

If you haven't heard of these two ladies you are missing out! Jump over to Caroline's store and check out her gorgeous items. Especially you brides- her ring bearer bowls are divine and the perfect extra touch to your day. And if you need some inspiration or just something pretty to look at, head over to Kathryn's blog.

This post wouldn't be complete without a few pictures. I'll leave you with some images of my Faith bowl from Paloma's Nest. Enjoy!

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