Monday, May 31, 2010


Before May disappears I wanted to do a special post about Vignette Photography turning 2! That's right, this month marks our two year anniversary in the wedding world. May 2008 seems decades away and I can still see us in our apartment brainstorming the business, ideas, the website, the blog. We shot our first wedding together that year in November for our dear friends Amy and Rodney.

We also saw quite a bit of this cutie that first year.

It's a bit strange going back and reading old posts. Things have changed a bit since then. You may not know that VP started out as James' baby. He had the wedding experience, understood a digital camera and has an incredible portfolio of studio work. I came from a film background, swore I'd never shoot digital (or Canon for that matter!) and only had a couple weddings under my belt along with family and child sessions. We were going to build the business together and the plan was to hopefully transition James into the business full time. I was going to be a second shooter and office manager. Funny how things change. I have always loved weddings and knew that one way or another my career would pertain to them. The plan was something event coordinator related. As we grew the business my obsession for weddings grew and James' love for web development grew. Haha, that sounds funny. Don't worry, we still adore each other but our career paths over the last two years have changed a bit. Vignette is now my baby and this 2 year anniversary marks my launch into wedding photography full time. Yep, that's right, last week was my first full week at my new job. It's scary but awesome all at the same time. James is still a part of Vignette but 90% of it is me. You'll still see him occasionally assisting with sessions and being the best 2nd shooter at weddings a girl could ask for. I know I wouldn't be here doing this if it weren't for him.

When 2010 began I had a strange sense that this would be the year of change. I've followed Lara Casey since early 2009 on Twitter and she is one amazing woman. She's inspired, encouraged and challenged me and probably doesn't even know it. When she announced the first Making Things Happen workshop I wanted to be there (especially since it was in Watercolor, FL!) but it wasn't doable at the time. I knew this workshop was going to be monumental. Then the Dallas workshop was announced and I wanted to be there but had a wedding to shoot. I still haven't attended a workshop but I follow quite a few of the alumni on Twitter and between them and Lara Casey, the MTH bug had bit me! This was the year I was going to make things happen!

I started out by attending The Simple Plan in February. I wanted to get a better handle on the business and get that plan written! It was an amazing two days and Michelle and Kelly are awesome. We also had the pleasure of hearing Blair from June Bug Weddings and Shannon, the CEO of Texas Wedding Guide. I learned so much and left with a brain on the brink of overload. Whether new to the business or a veteran, I can't recommend Sage Wedding Pros enough.You can visit Catie's blog for a workshop recap and some eye candy.

Next up was the Get Real Sales workshop. Saundra Hadley is incredible and knows her sales stuff. Well, I wanted to know her sales stuff and improve my technique. Then in April I attended Eventology. Um, wow. What an experience. I even got to meet Lara! Please excuse the iPhone pic.

Attending Eventology (click here, here and here for some fun recaps) was life changing in the sense that it got me thinking seriously about what I do and the possibility of doing it full time. Being around so many other creative, fired up individuals was addicting and inspiring. By the time we got home, unpacked and then packed again for Chicago, I was pretty sure I was ready to take the leap.

May 21st was my last day as someone else employee. I am now the boss and a full time photographer. Who would have thought?

This post has gotten a bit out of hand but there you have it. I love what I do and that I have the opportunity to pursue it. I am excited about the rest of 2010 and how it'll unfold for us and the business. I admit to being nervous but I am believing and trusting for great things.

Here's to 2 years and making things happen in the years to come!

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