Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Farewell and Engagement - Austin Event Photographer

We said farewell to some good friends of ours this month. Due to expiring employment contracts and work visas, Vincent and Danielle headed back to Holland. They transferred here a little over two years ago because of Vincent's job. I use to work with Vincent and before we bought our house, we also lived in the same apartment complex.

It was very sad to see them go as we felt like they were more like family than just friends. Before they left we hosted a small gathering of friends to say farewell.

Vincent had a little surprise up his sleeve for Danielle though - an American engagement ring! They are actually already married, something they did prior to coming to the U.S., in a small civil ceremony with family and close friends. Next year they are planning to tie the knot again with a full ceremony and reception with all their friends and family.

Now, engagement rings are not common in Holland. They are considered to be too flashy. Well, it seems Danielle liked the idea of an engagement ring and even had an opportunity to try a few on for a friend. This helped Vincent choose which one to get for her and wow! he did an amazing job! Congratulations to them both and our fingers are crossed that we'll be able to share in their 2nd wedding day next year!

All the best to Vincent and Danielle as they settle back in Holland. We hope to see you again soon!


  1. Love it! I like how Vincent and Danielle are wearing red, white and blue. I am so glad you had your fancy camera available.

  2. Wow, that's so cool. Nice and professional pictures of the food with the limited field of depth. We already miss you guys! It was such a wonderfull experience. Looking forward to see y'all again.


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