Tuesday, November 2, 2010

3 Sisters, 3 Brides Pt. II – Austin Wedding Photographer

James and I heard about each other through a mutual friend. This mutual friend was pretty sure we were meant to be (thanks Daine!). Well, it took almost a year but James and I finally met. We actually started to 'stalk' each other on Flickr before we officially met. It was a couple days before my 27th birthday and we met up at Dominican Joe's to discuss an all day shoot we were going to do the following Sunday (my birthday).

I think it's safe to say we became friends. A lot of gChat, texting and weekend get togethers. Well, by April of that year, I was getting antsy and really wanted James to ask me out on a real date. I liked being his friend but he sure was taking up a lot of my free time as just a friend. I think he took the hint. It was Easter Sunday, we were having lunch at La Madeline's after church and he asked. I probably should have told him I'd have to think about it but I didn't (I couldn't be mean!). He then bought me profiteroles. Yum!

That was April and in September he popped the question. I mentioned to him that I wanted to go on a fancy date. Something we hadn't done as a couple yet. Like get more dressed than jeans date. He picked me up on September 8th and I had no idea what he had planned. First stop was dinner at Jeffrey's. Amazing and since we had to dine early, we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Our next stop was the Paramount to see Gone with the Wind. I loved seeing an old movie in an old theater! I am also amazed he sat through the whole thing! And with a ring in his pocket! After the movie, he suggested we walk to the Capitol to stretch our legs. All I really remember is seeing him down on one knee with a ring and me asking, 'are you serious?' Of course I said yes.

My younger sister had gotten engaged in August, then we were in September and then my older sister in October. We put our wedding planning on hold, just slightly because Adriana was getting married that December. Yes, we planned her wedding in 3 months. It was awesome. We originally aimed to have ours in March but decided to push it up to January.

The entire week before our wedding it rained and was cold. We didn't have a back up plan and I am not sure all our guests would have fit inside Le San Michele. But no worries, it was a beautiful 70 degree day in Texas.

It was important to us to have an intimate wedding. We wanted to enjoy the day and spend time with the people that meant the most to us. I loved our wedding but it was over too quickly. The day was perfect.

It was almost exactly a year from the date we first met. Some would say that was fast and yeah, it probably was. We definitely learned a lot more about each other that first year of marriage and still are. I wouldn't change a thing though since I got to marry my best friend.


  1. I love this story! And y'all are adorable :)

  2. ahhhh I love you both even more! Can I tell you, when I got to the "are you serious!?" I could totally HEAR you say it! :)

  3. Beautiful wedding pictures! That's funny you said "Are you serious?" I did the exact same thing! :)

  4. Great seeing pictures again, I had forgotten how beautiful your wedding was. I am so blessed to have such great matches for my girls. Your Dad would be so happy, I know he is looking down from heaven.

  5. A wonderfully romantic story - congratulations. And, of course, great photos, too.

  6. I love how the trees encircled your ceremony, what a cool frame with the dark branches. Your hair is so cute at the wedding. Love ya.


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