Tuesday, November 9, 2010

{Newborn} D.C. - Austin Baby Photographer

Daniel Cross or D.C. as he is known by family and friends, arrived on October 19. You already know his big sister, so expect to see more of this cutie on our blog.

His family is like family to us (it was his dad that introduced James and I) so we were very excited to meet this little man.

He was awake for our entire session and was really only interested in being held by mommy. Totally ok with me when I get images like these. Karina is an awesome mom and I really admire her.

How cool is this kid? He has a natural faux hawk.

Little baby toes and feet make me happy.

Daine and Karina, you two make the cutest kids!


  1. Oh My Goodness...what a precious child! I love all of them! Congrats....and nice pics!!

  2. You are doing such great job! Wonderful Photos and a cute little boy!

  3. Beautiful photos and baby! He looks a lot like his daddy already.

  4. Lovely photos. They catch the distinct wonder of babies.


  5. Definitely takes after Daddy...such a beautiful family you have Micah; you are certainly blessed. Such wonderful photography Elizabeth; you have captured the innocence and wonder of this beautiful child.

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