Tuesday, November 9, 2010

{Personal} My MTH2010 Experience

You may or may not have read last Friday's post on my thoughts going into MTH in Houston. I just re-read it and I sound a little less than excited about the prospects of what was ahead of me. It's amazing how things can change and so quickly. I am so grateful for my experience last Friday. I am so grateful for that room full of strangers I am now blessed to call friends. I want to wrap myself in the experience and feelings and never forget what I learned.

Have you ever voiced a fear? Even the ones you were afraid to think? What have you not done because of fear? For me, it's been more than I care to admit. I was able to speak my fears, ask myself the hard questions....and I survived. I felt a peace that I haven't in a long time and I am so READY to say no to those fears and move forward. Take risks and even fail and try again if that is what it means. I was so afraid of failure but I can say I was equally afraid of success. What would that success look like? Could I handle it?

I was slowly seeing my business changing and that change scared me. I was hanging onto something that needed to be released. I haven't released it yet, that will happen but slowly. It was fear that I lacked the ability and talent to do this business. So that fear was making me question whether or not I was supposed to be doing this business. I love what I do so why would I ask myself that? Clients, please don't worry....I am still in the business and not going anywhere soon!

"Feel the fear and do it anyway."

That is what I plan on doing. I will not let this business run me, I will run it and I will succeed. I am going to keep learning and keep growing and I will not be afraid to ask questions or take risks.

I went full circle in the course of 9 hours on Friday. It was an emotional roller coaster. The clarity and excitement I feel about the future now is wonderful.

Thank you Lara, Emily and Gina for being your authentic selves and sharing just as much if not more about your lives and fears. Thank you to the Houston crew - I look forward to watching each of you make things happen.

Follow the girls here and learn more about MTH.


  1. So awesome, Elizabeth! I'm glad you walked away feeling freed and empowered. :)

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