Thursday, March 17, 2011

{Personal Project} Holga Prints

For Christmas my sister, Jessica gave me a Holga and film. I have always been curious about these cameras and was excited to now have one to play with. I loaded the first roll of film not long after Christmas and started snapping away only to realize I had not wound the film far enough. Ooops. All those pictures I took were not really taken at all. Bummer. After correcting my mistake (thank you Adriana), I was ready to go!

Adriana and I walked around West Lynn and the river one evening taking pictures and playing with our old school cameras.

Here are a few of my favorites from that day.

My sister and her TLR.

I am not sure why they are double exposed even though it is a cool effect. If you have experience with these cameras and can shed some light or offer advice, please leave me a comment. What I love about the Holga though is that what you end up with is never expected and the simplicity of the camera makes it almost difficult to use.



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  1. Very nice. I like the lens flare of the first photo. Good catch!

    I wonder if the alignment of the film in the camera is off when you first loaded it. I bet someone online somewhere has some hints or check with a local photo shop for loading it. Also try or

    I just got my photos back today! Maybe you can help me analyze my technique. My f-stop and scene selection needs work, and it's more difficult to focus than you think with the Yashica.

    I need a couple more bags to carry around during our next photography walk.


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