Friday, March 25, 2011

{Personal Project} Nikon Prints

My Nikon N80 was the first 'real' camera I owned. Before that I had a Nikon point and shoot and an old 110. I still remember when it arrived at my doorstep from B&H....well, actually I don't. It came while I was visiting family in Houston. I was only a little anxious to get home to it.

That Nikon went everywhere with me for years and served me well. I have numerous boxes of negatives and prints to prove it (much to James' dismay).

When we went to Enchanted Rock and Comfort, TX last fall, I pulled it out of storage, replaced the batteries and loaded it with film. It was like riding a bicycle and the noises it makes....I kind of missed them.

It now sits on the shelf next to the Canon DSLRs and will continue to make regular appearances.

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  1. If only there were enough walls in our houses to hang all these lovely image...


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