Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Working on What Matters {March Goals}

James and I like to have conversations called our '4 minutes'. Basically, we check in on each other, find out what's been going on in each others heads and just talk. I am terrible at them, not the talking part but the asking part. James is really good at asking the right questions and I usually have no clue beyond, 'What's in your head?'. So my four minutes turns into 20 minutes or more. Sorry James, but you asked! He usually has a tiny grin on his face during these conversations because my brain and train of thought typically resemble a bowl of spaghetti noodles (or so he likes to tell me).

I write all that to explain that we were having such a conversation on Sunday as we drove to my mom's house. And of course, my four minutes turned into the entire drive over. I was expressing my struggle with my lack of motivation and my ability to be a really good lazy person. Admitting that to James, out loud, was a big deal (although I think he already knows). Actually writing it here, is huge. I don't like people knowing that about me. I like them to see and know the in control, efficient Elizabeth. I push myself to be that person or I get bursts of motivation and I go nuts.

This trait of mine comes into play a lot in my business, more than I care to admit. I really envy those people that are go-getters and get results and move forward. I wish I could surround myself with those people on a daily basis and have their energy rub off on me. Since I can't do that, I thought a good way of motivating myself and gaining accountability, would be to post monthly goals on this blog. I have seen a few other people do this and really love the idea. Once I post them here, I'll also print them and post them on my cork board, right in front of me, so I have a daily reminder. Then at the end of the month, I'll review what was accomplished and what wasn't. I welcome anyone who reads these to call or email me and check up on my progress!

These are just a few that I feel are really important to me for March...

March Goals

Blog at least 3 times per week (at least 15 posts)

Complete all of February sessions and send to clients

Move my computer setup from desktop to laptop (with James' help)

Create/re-create a portrait contract and album contract and order form into a PDF

Network! Connect with a vendor who is not a photographer (anyone want to have lunch?)

Create a menu and grocery list on a weekly basis, shop healthy and stay on budget!

Workout at least twice a week in preparation for April's boot camp

Be creative! Sew baby gifts for a friend who is due in April

Connect with at least two other couples over dinner

This blog post also achieves a goal I wrote about in January - being more personal and approachable in my business. I would love to hear your thoughts!



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  1. Hey Girl, I know we aren't uber close or anything, but I am ridiculously goal minded and having partners in it is awesome. Between taxes, Alaska trip, work convention, mom visiting, and trying to have a life is crazy busy. Anytime you want to get together I would totally meet up with you. ... and I'm a great cheerleader for getting ready for bootcamp!!


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