Friday, April 8, 2011

{Spring Brings Change} April Goals

Where did March go? And where is April going? I can't believe it's already nearing the second week! As I write this and look over the goals I made for myself last month, I realize it was much too short. Can I just say that goals are hard work?

March Goals (recap)

Blog at least 3 times per week (at least 15 posts) - So I am going to say this is accomplished...I made it to 14!

Complete all of February sessions and send to clients - Done and done!

Move my computer setup from desktop to laptop (with James’ help) - Uh...still a work in progress. We are waiting on some software.

Create/re-create a portrait contract and album contract and order form into a PDF - Not so much....

Network! Connect with a vendor who is not a photographer (anyone want to have lunch?) - Sadly this one didn't happen. As much as I love people and being around people, when it comes to my business, I get nervous. I'll not give up!

Create a menu and grocery list on a weekly basis, shop healthy and stay on budget! - So March turned into a crazy month that resulted in us eating out more than I would have liked. But I can say I did accomplish this for one full week out of the almost 5 weeks.

Workout at least twice a week in preparation for April’s boot camp - I ran 4 times and spent an entire day weeding the yard. Does that count? I just completed my second boot camp today....not so easy but good for me.

Be creative! Sew baby gifts for a friend who is due in April - Done!

Connect with at least two other couples over dinner - I had dinner with my friend Laurel at Hopdoddy's (good burger!) and reconnected with an old co-worker and his wife at Haddington's. Both were great evenings and I am so glad I made this a priority. Relationships matter!

For April, I thought I'd go a little easier on myself since I am new to this goal thing and March didn't go too well. It also seems with our quick change in seasons here in Austin, other change is on the horizon for me and my business. I can't say I am happy about this change but it's not bad. It will take getting used to. I will write more about it at a later date but this change has me doing a lot of thinking, planning and more thinking.

April Goals

Boot camp! Attend 2-3x a week.

Spend more time working in my garden (tackle my to do list).

Make time for crafting and sewing! This will require that I clean up our guest room (again) and put my sewing table in order.

Write up content for a new VP page (so excited about this!!).

Update photos and some of the content on the VP home page.

And this was from March, but still important: Moving setup from desktop to laptop.

Ok, stopping there! It's all about baby steps.

Growing up, I always said I liked change but secretly I was like Beth in Little Women. I didn't like it one bit. I wanted things to stay the same always. There is comfort in consistency. But consistency doesn't make us stretch and grow. It doesn't make us stronger. As the business is going through changes, I repeat this to myself. It's hard now but I know it'll make me a stronger person. I am also curious to see how it affects change in other parts of my life.

What changes are happening for you this time of year?


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