Monday, May 2, 2011

{Mother May I?} May Goals

I know I said this last month but, goodness! Goals are hard work! Especially when the month goes by much too quickly. Even though it doesn't look like I did a lot on this list, April was still a fairly productive month for me. At least I feel like it was.

April Goals (Recap)

Boot camp! Attend 2-3x a week. - So I have decided I am not a boot camper. It's not my cup of tea. I am going to try yoga or pilates instead.

Spend more time working in my garden (tackle my to do list). - Yes!! That list is getting accomplished a whole lot better than these. I have loved the extra time in the yard and am enjoying the benefits.

Make time for crafting and sewing! This will require that I clean up our guest room (again) and put my sewing table in order. - Yes!! Guest room is clean and I am planning projects.

Write up content for a new VP page (so excited about this!!). - Not so much

Update photos and some of the content on the VP home page. - Nope

And this was from March, but still important: Moving setup from desktop to laptop. - A work in progress. Still organizing and moving photos...which I have  A LOT of.

In April I mentioned changes, which I have adjusted to a lot better than I thought I would. I promise I'll be posting more on that this month. There are still some things to hash out. My hope for May is that I'll be able to make those changes visible in my business and to my clients.

I thought my title was funny and appropriate since we celebrate our mom's this month. I'll be introducing you to my mom this month as well. We spent the day in San Antonio last Thursday and I want to write about that memory and some photos we took.

May Goals

Practice. Practice. Practice - I need to practice my craft, shoot for fun, be more creative, and get better at off camera flash (I will be victorious!). So, that means, get a model and practice and also set up a mini styled shoot (even if it's in my own backyard).

Slow down at sessions and weddings. I know this might sound weird and not doable, especially at weddings, but I really want to slow down and be more aware. Aware of what's happening, aware of different angles, aware of creativity. I don't want to be afraid to try something different or new, even if I look silly or if it doesn't work.

Finish editing April sessions and weddings and send to clients.

Announce Mini Sessions for May (or maybe I just did?)

Ok, I am ending there because I know May will be a busy month for us and I'd like to accomplish these 100%. I still plan on working on the new content and images for VP as well as transferring computers. Still important projects.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings. Happy May!



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