Monday, June 13, 2011

Purvi & Murali - Part 3 | Austin Indian Wedding Photography

Are you ready for some vibrant and fun photos? Check out these from Murali's wedding procession or the barat. Murali, his family and friends arrive at the ceremony dancing to the drum beat. Waiting for them are Purvi's parents, family and friends.

Such a great capture!

I love this photo of Murali and his father dancing.

Both fathers joining in the fun.

During the var ponkava vidhi, or welcoming of the groom, Purvi's mother said a prayer and applied a red dot, or tilak to Murali's forhead symbolizing prosperity. There were a lot of little things that happened during this ceremony and it was quite fun to watch.

He was given things to hold, she had these sticks she threw and she even pulled his nose. He also stepped on a small pot to break it. This symbolized the elimination of all evils from his path to the mandap, where the wedding was to take place.

I started with 60+ images for this post but am saving the rest of those for the next post - the wedding ceremony!

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