Friday, November 23, 2012

Barton Hills Farm | A Family Outing Pt. II

Barton Hills Farm also has a stage set up for live music, a mini fort, a pumpkin patch and a shipwreck. If you are lucky you can also enjoy some BBQ before they run out. James and I were not so lucky....for the second time that day. We had hot dogs.

Adriana made and brought a long a delicious cake for us to enjoy and to celebrate Matt's birthday. Candles in the wind anyone?

The kiddos enjoyed a tiny sample too.

It was such a gorgeous day to relax and enjoy the sun. Or being pulled with your bag of popcorn in a mini wagon.

Cute babies with the pumpkins are a given. Poor William was teething so bad and drooling a lot. His cheeks were quite chapped and rosy. Aren't his shoes the best though?!

Grandma and the grandkids. William and I were snuggling to stay warm in the shade.

What a wonderful day of great memories. We'll definitely be going back next year!

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