Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Goodbye to 2012 and Looking Ahead

I have had a year end post floating around in my head for a few weeks now. Things I want to say about 2012 and how it was for VP, what I am anticipating and planning for 2013 and other things. As I sit here though and begin to type out my thoughts, I honestly have no idea what I really want to say or how it'll end. So, if you do stick it out to the end, thanks.

I have to say that 2012 was not what I expected at all. I did expect to become a mom and that happened. I did expect to get back into weddings, that didn't happen. It was for the best and I am still content with that decision. I shot one wedding, second shot a few times, did a handful of sessions and my Mini Sessions. It was enough. Being a mom is a lot of work. Hats off to all the moms I know that work either at home or at an office. Part time or full time....you guys are awesome and I admire you.

Social media is full of posts and photos of people sitting down and working on goals and plans for 2013. Getting excited, making lists, reading books, setting big goals for themselves or their businesses. I think that's great. So great, that I am kicking myself and feeling guilty that I am not in their number doing the same. I am slowly coming to the realization that it may not happen for me this month or next but in the end I know, it's never to late to make plans or dream big.

I don't know what 2013 holds for Vignette. If I can get sales tax paid this month and paperwork in order for our CPA for April, I'll be a happy camper. What I do know is that VP is still open for business, but only as much business as I feel I can manage. That means sessions for those new babies, growing kiddos, family photos or just because. I'll be revamping a few things on my Menu of Services, as well as pricing, so watch for an update there in the coming weeks.

2012 was a year of big change for us and I am still adjusting and figuring out what our new normal looks like. I love new years though, it's like a clean slate. What you did the previous year doesn't matter anymore, you get an automatic reset. That's pretty cool. I am looking forward to 2013 because I really have no idea what's in store for us. I am learning daily to be content and take one day at a time. The unknown is exciting.

I hope all my readers had a wonderful holiday season. May your new year be greatly blessed!

Check back for some remaining 2012 sessions in the coming days and of course, a couple posts on our little man, William!

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