Thursday, January 10, 2013

William | Eight and Nine

I am so behind on my monthly William posts. He's already 10 months old! No skipping though....

These were taken a few days before he was 8 months. He looks like such a little man in his button up shirt. The day I took these we had just gotten home from a lunch date and visiting his daddy at work. He needed to look his best!

I have to say that his 8-9 month period was his biggest period of change and development.

In a matter of a week he realized that standing up (with help) was fun. We also decided it was time to get rid of the Woombie for sleeping. He had been going with his arms free for a while and it was going well until he started to roll himself onto his tummy. Not so good when your legs aren't free. In order to keep us from loosing any sleep, the Woombie was out. He did surprisingly well right off the bat. There were a couple freak out moments when he ended up on his tummy but here lately he's wanted to sleep that way. It was strange to see him without the Woombie and on his tummy but it's also pretty darn cute.

Other things he's been up to these past couple months:

Feeding himself...he loves finger foods and most of the time will refuse to eat if a spoon is involved. I think his #1 choice of food are puffs but he still likes sweet potatoes and apples.

Drinking from a cup with a straw....but refusing a bottle which has us spending ALL of our time together.

Dancing, clapping, 'talking', and squirming and rolling (his form of crawling).

He's up to 7 teeth! Poor guy has been growing them non-stop since August.

He's also hit the 20 pound mark...not too chubby just solid.

He was also pretty excited about his first Christmas. I was excited about having someone untangle all the lights for me. Haha!

He was actually pretty unsure of the tree for a while but loved pulling on the tree skirt when he was able to get close enough.

We spent Christmas Eve at our house with family and then opened presents the next morning before going to my sister's for some tamales. He got a few new toys and some practical things like socks and clothes. I think his favorite thing was wrapping paper. Go figure.

It was a lot of fun having kiddos around for the holidays. Everything is new for them but also feels new for yourself because you get to experience it with them for the first time. Yeah, I know they have no clue what's going on's still fun. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas and I am looking forward to them even more in the coming years.

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