Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Take a Trip to Barton Hill Farms | 10.20.2013

Sunday after church we made our 2nd annual trip to Barton Hill Farms in Bastrop. We loved it last year and it was even better this year since William was older. It was so much bigger too! They added quite a few new things for kids like the Cow Train and Pillow Jump thing. William loved the sand box on the boat, the pumpkin patch and goats. It was a beautiful day!

The first thing we did was explore the maze. William led the way and we didn't get lost!

I love to come here for the pumpkin photos...of course. Thanks to my sister, Jess for taking awesome photos of us!

Can you tell Uncle Nathan was being silly to get a smile out of William?

Jessica and Nathan, looking good!

Moving pumpkins. It was almost like he was trying to herd them or he thought they were too messy and needed to be organized.

Baby bump shot! Pretty mama!

William loves animals and has no fear. He just laughs. Love it!

This is actually where he really wanted to stay all day. 

What a lovely day to spend with family. We missed my other sister and my mom not being there...maybe next year with more babies!

Barton Hill is definitely a great place to visit and totally worth the short drive out of town. Good for all ages! Check out my personal blog for more photos on another farm we recently visited, Sweet Berry in Marble Falls.

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