Friday, November 8, 2013

A Fall Weekend in Castroville, Texas | San Antonio Lifestyle Photography

The first weekend in November we went for a family visit to Castroville. I also wanted to spend some time helping my sister with any organizing before her baby comes in December. It was a beautiful weekend. The temperature was perfect and this quaint little town was decked out for fall.

Watching William and Maria interact is different every time they are together. This visit was interesting too because William was quite jealous of any attention I gave Maria. Never had that happen before.

Little explorers. They have such a big yard, William loved to just run, run, run.

Jumping on pillows is great fun. Sunday with Daylight Savings was different and so long. William woke up at 5:30am and was ready to eat waffles. Ugh. He pretty much passed out 3 minutes after we left for home and slept all the way.

These two need practice sharing. William would have a toy and Maria would want it or vice versa. Of course all the toys were amazing to William since they weren't his and all "new". He definitely doesn't like to have anything taken away from him and would grab a toy and run. It was kind of funny.

Oh that hair. People pay big money to have curls like this.

Such good times and great memories. I love watching these two grow up together and can't wait for my younger sister to have her baby and add to the craziness. Hop on over to my personal blog for a few more photos from our weekend in Castroville.

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