Monday, November 18, 2013

{Gender Reveal} Jessica & Nathan | Austin Lifestyle, Event and Maternity Photography

My sister, Jessica is pregnant with their first baby. After two years of trying they found out they were pregnant while in Ireland. It was the last stop on their European tour and needless to say, Jessica was ready to be home.

When she told me she wanted to do a gender reveal I was on board! I felt like it was a good way to celebrate such an amazing event since it was something we all had prayed would happen for them.

Jessica really did a lot of the planning and knew what she wanted it to look like. Her theme was "Beaux or Bow". We had a couple planning, shopping and crafting sessions together and I loved the final result!

She didn't want it to feel too babyish since it wasn't just for the ladies so we did a mix of colors and kept the frills to a minimum. Together we made the tassel garlands and mustache and hair bow bunting.

On the mantle we put baby photos of Nathan and Jessica, a sonogram photo and the chalkboard with Old Wives Tales (which of course, did not work at all!).

The baby pace bunting was something I whipped up the night before since Jessica conveniently left town that weekend (just teasing you, sis!).

You can see the hair bow and mustache bunting we hung from the chandelier as well as the mid-afternoon snacks we had for guests.

Jessica made the cupcakes and tied all the bows for the picks. I found the mustaches at Wal-Mart for $1.50. No way was I going to cut those out!

The tissue balls I had on hand from William's first birthday earlier this year and fit in nicely.

I became quite adept at drawing mustaches before the weekend was is the voting station.

Oh this box. What fun I had putting it together {insert sarcasm}. I was in charge of this task because I was also going to be in charge of getting the correct color balloons to place inside. The color I only found out about an hour before the party started. Hehe...I love keeping secrets! 

I used two moving boxes from Home Depot to get it to the size I wanted and then just covered the outside with brown shipping paper. The fun part was painting it!

And now for the reveal! Everyone is ready!

Their facial expressions were priceless. Another reason I was glad I knew what was coming out of that box was because I was behind the camera. I didn't want to get excited and forget to take photos!


Jessica totally thought they were going to have a boy. I voted boy but knew all along (even before I opened the envelope) that it was a girl.

There was much yelling, laughing and crying from the crowd.

With the Grandmas and Great-Grandma.

Pregnant sisters!

I am a very proud Aunt and loved helping my sister with this party. I am beyond excited to hold this little one when she arrives in March.

What a fun filled day! Jessica and Nathan both confessed to being anxious and admitting they won't be doing anymore gender reveals for future babies. Haha!

Love you guys!


  1. You've captured beautiful memories. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Seeing these made me cry again! Thanks for capturing these special moments for us! They will be a treasure for years to come!

    1. Jessica, so glad you like them. I was happy to be able to do this for you!

  3. Beautiful job capturing beautiful moments. ♥ Congrats Jessica and family!


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