Friday, December 13, 2013

Calk Family Photos | San Antonio Lifestyle Photography

We spent the day in the Castroville/Lytle area the day after Thanksgiving. A little day trip to see my sister and then to do some family photos for her in-laws.

Not all the grandkids were able to make it to the session but I was able to get a good amount of them...actually looking at the camera!

This is the baby of the family until my sister has her baby....any day now!

I am all for a few posed shots but I also love being able to capture families interacting with each other like these next few. Maria loves her YaYa.

This was one of the last ones I quickly shot before heading out.  It was a fun little corner in front of a window. The wall of books is great!

And one of the family shots in front of their Great Grandma's home.


  1. Liz. as usual, you have done a great job with these family photos. Keep it up girl. Love you


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