Monday, April 14, 2014

William is Two! | Austin Child Photography

This post is about a month late but I was waiting for our bluebonnet session to do William's 2 year photos. I am so glad I did because I adore these photos! Can't wait to print some for the walls here at home.

This is the usual face I get when the camera comes out.

This face makes me wonder what he's thinking. I know there is quite a bit going on in that head of his. He's also practicing for his magazine cover day. Haha!

William fun facts....

Favorite foods: Cucumber, carrots, banana, cheese, yogurt, oatmeal, waffles, cereal (from Daddy's bowl), crackers, mac n' cheese, hot dogs, cookies and a bite of anything I am having (unless it's a vegetable).

Favorite activities: Reading, playing outside, going for walks, playing crazy with Daddy in the evenings, watching Curious George, Elmo, Daniel Tiger, Clifford and Chuck the Truck, playing with cars and trucks, making music, singing, dancing, "cleaning" and "cooking" with me, watching for puppy dogs in the neighborhood and coloring.

Favorite toys: Stuffed puppy dog, Hot Wheels, dump truck, school buses, balls, flashlights, pretend eggs and his little kitchen, paper towel rolls and empty oatmeal boxes.

Favorite books: Mouse Mess, I Like It When..., Curious George, Moo, Baa, La La La. He's not picky though, he tries to get a stack of books for before nap and bed time.

His vocabulary has taken off but his pronunciation of things is still rough. I can usually translate what he's trying to say though. He says "mine" a lot. Words beginning in "h" sound pretty cute too. He says "thank you" when he gives you something as well as when something is given to him. He's an expert at pointing out messes. If we run out of something, he says we can go to HEB for more. When we go to HEB, he always expects to get a sample at the deli counter and they usually oblige. He is still afraid of the vacuum cleaner and lawn mowers - two things he got for his birthday. He's a great snuggler and gives wonderful hugs, complete with a few pats on the back. The potty has become an item of interest lately and I just picked up a small one for him this past week. He likes to get on the big potty though and pretend to use it. He'll then pretend to wash and dry his hands. Hopefully this means we'll have an easy time training him.

There is so much more to seems he became a different little person right before he turned two and we are always entertained. I love that he is talking more and can better express himself. He tries to do more on his own and only gets upset 50% of the time when he can't. We definitely experience some toddler meltdowns but thankfully they aren't too frequent.

I am looking forward to seeing him change more throughout this year....but I'd be happy to slow it down as well.

I had to try for a photo with the boy but, of course, he was not at all interested. Thanks to Adriana for capturing a few crazy photos of us. It was quite windy so my hair is out of control and William is trying to figure out how to run away. I still love you little man! Happy 2nd Year!

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