Friday, September 26, 2014

William at Two and a Half | Austin Child Photography

I feel like I haven't done a William post in a while but looking back, I did one in April when he was just a little over 2. That seems so far away and he is such a different child now. There are so many things I want to record about him and I feel like I won't remember it all.

This kid has so much energy. It's no wonder he is such a good sleeper. He usually goes to bed by 8:15pm and wakes up between 7 and 7:30am. He is perfectly content to hang out in his room with books and trucks and singing until we get him. It's pretty cute to hear him in there playing and singing. He loves EIEIO, BINGO and then another song that he's made up. We have no idea what he's saying but he can belt it out. We greet him with "Hello Day!" in the mornings which is his version of good morning. He picked that up from a little Barney book we have and it stuck. I love it.

He loves to work out with Daddy. That's what he's doing in this photo, showing off his muscles. He does pull ups and push ups and cheers James on when he is working out.

I am so glad I took some photos of him in his toddler bed before we moved him to a twin. We did that this week and he was so excited about his big boy bed. You can check out some of those fun photos on my personal blog.

But seriously, who is this kid? He still has some baby qualities yet he can act like such a little man too. This face reminds me of my Uncle David for some reason.

Favorite things to do/toys to play with: "Zooming" with his Hot Wheels, cutting paper with his little scissors, Play Dough, tools, cooking/baking with me, music class, story time at the library, going to parks, taking walks to check out the nearby construction site, rough housing with James, reading books, watching Daniel Tiger or Curious George, pretending to vacuum, helping with the laundry, going to HEB and Home Depot (Hobo).

We are still working on the playing by yourself idea. Sometimes he does really well but it takes some encouragement. He loves to be right there with James and I with whatever we are doing, which isn't always a good idea (raw meat and toddlers don't mix). We'll keep practicing though because he will definitely need to play by himself more when baby brother comes.

Some of his favorite foods right now: Actually not much. He is so picky. It's all carbs and cheese, some fruit, cucumber, maybe carrots, anything dairy. When I am making dinner, he'll sneak stuff off the cutting board. It's usually just vegetables so I don't stop him. Raw kale, broccoli, bell pepper and cauliflower. If I give it to him at dinner, he won't eat it. He loves smoothies so I pack them with as many fruit and veggies as I can. Oatmeal and waffles are still his favorites for breakfast and usually his best meal of the day.

We attempted some potty training with him earlier this month and he was on board with it and has shown a lot of interest in the past few months. We've had the little potty in his bathroom for a while now. He did really well the first day but just didn't seem as interested the second so we decided not to push any 3 day training tricks or anything like that. It may need to wait until after the baby arrives. He'll still ask to go to the potty sometimes so we keep talking about it and encouraging it.

He is no longer afraid of the lawn mower and is getting better with the vacuum. He has an eagle eye for diggers, dump trucks, cement mixers, trash trucks and school buses whenever we are out and about. He's also very good at telling me when there are red lights. For a while he would tell me to zoom - go faster! But now he is telling me "too fast!".

His vocabulary has taken off but I think I understand him the most because I am with him all day. It's been fun to hear him put sentences together and have conversations with him. He still has a lot of gibberish so I really try to repeat full sentences back to him. We need to get to work on ABCs and counting. He counts all the time but it's usually 1, 2, 8, 9...lately he has been doing well with 1, 2, 3. He's also good with naming colors and showing me everything that matches. Like this crayon matches my cup or my shirt.

Puppy Dog, that's his name, is William's favorite stuffed toy. He sleeps with him and tries to take him places with us. He usually stays in the car though. Puppy Dog is very affectionate and gives lots of kisses to all of us. I will be really sad the day William gives him up or grows out of him. I'll also be sad if Puppy Dog falls apart before that day happens. We have no replacement.

I am sure there are a million other things I could record and I wish I were better at doing this in an album or book about William. I love going back and looking at all his photos. My little man is growing up too fast!

For other William updates check him out at 18 months.

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