Monday, November 10, 2014

Halloween | Castroville Lifestyle Photography

Halloween at our house is pretty low key usually. We hand out candy and that's about it. The past couple times, William has been too little to know what's going on and I never put him in a costume. James and I don't dress up either.

This year though was a bit different and it was a lot of fun! My brother-in-law's family has a big party and a ton of trick or treaters in their neighborhood in Lytle. It's also his birthday so even more reason to celebrate. This year he turned 40 so we decided to make the short trip down to celebrate with them.

I made capes for William and Maria but as you can see William went as my lil' pumpkin. I had a different shirt to go with his cape but it never made it on and the cape stayed on for maybe 8 minutes total the whole evening. We even forgot it when we went home. Maria on the other hand, was totally into the costume....she has a thing for pink and sparkles. Costume or not, William had a blast.

Setting up the big screen and projector for movies after dark.

I think Maria takes her cue from her mom when it comes to costumes. Adriana has just as much fun dressing up. I made her cape as well and here they are, together, testing them out.

Superhero family! Happy Birthday, Matt!

Adriana made the cake, cupcakes and even homemade ice cream for the birthday boy. Oh my word, I needed a bigger stomach.

Some of our family from San Antonio stopped in as well and it was good to catch up.

Jessica and Nathan got in the spirit of things as well with their bank robber costumes. Jessica made their masks, Nathan's shirt and the money bag. Pretty fabulous.

And the part the kids were waiting for....well,  yeah candles are exciting but cupcakes? Yes, please!

James and William took first shift with handing out candy and William loved it. He also loved eating the cupcake. Love this shot.

Can't forget Miss Sofia, the little bear. How adorable!! Jessica added the bows and pearls to her costume.

And here we are in our costumes! Oh wait....nevermind. I am pregnant and ran out of energy after three capes. Haha! I think we look pretty good still. I am a very realistic pregnant lady, no? My boys are so handsome.

Adriana dishing up her amazing ice cream....I could go for some right now.

What a fun evening with family and friends. I should start planning our costumes for next year....hmmm.

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