My name is Elizabeth; I’m an Austinite, wife, mom, and yes, photographer. Although I’ve experienced a great debut in the wedding industry, I have a real passion for Life Portraits – candid shots of everyday living.
You just never know which moments in life are going to be the ones that define you. Case in point: playing with my mom’s long, flat 110 camera as a lanky ten-year old. Who knew years later photography would evolve into my main love and profession? Maybe that’s why I still love capturing the raw, natural moments of daily living. I think beauty happens in the details. I think perfection is captured in the messes of everyday life.
When I’m not at a shoot, I’m probably in my apron experimenting with a new recipe for husband, James, or spending time with my boys, William and Lucas, trying out a new Austin hot-spot, sipping on a cup of coffee, spending time with family or shopping.
My husband and boys, are my greatest joy and inspiration. While keeping them fed and happy is a full-time job, I always find the time to capture life’s little delightful moments.

If you'd like to chat more about a session for yourself, a great sale you found, wall colors or shopping on CraigsList, I'd love to hear from you!

Photo by Meredith Greager Photography